The Diabetes Destroyer Program Designed By David Andrews


Diabetes Destroyer Program
is a natural diabetes system and step by step course designed to help people keep their blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible, whether they suffer from Type 1 or Type 2Diabetes.

This program can help you manage your diabetes without enforcing rigorous changes to your current lifestyle. Best of all, there are no medications or drugs involved rather scientific data from various studies about how to naturally lower your blood sugar levels by implementing a detailed meal plan.

“Diabetes Destroyer” offers hope to those looking for an alternative treatment to diabetes. It does this by using safe, gentle means provided by nature. No harsh fasts. No torturing detox. Nothing that would be dangerous to your health.


“The anatomy of every diabetic patient is unique in many ways, yet all of them have several 

common symptoms”.

This statement makes sense to billions of suffering and potential diabetic patients all over the world. If you happen to be one among them you will certainly need immediate cure and care methods which not only control this dreaded disease, but also eliminate most of its symptoms from roots. Welcome to “Diabetes Destroyer” which is a unique Tri-Modular program launched by David Andrews, a 51 year head chef of 5 star hotel in Washington DC. This program is unique in many ways than what meet your eyes at the first sight of the “guide” composed by him. You can start exploring the generic conditions of a diabetic patient to understand more about the connectivity between this program and the disease cure.

Diabetes across the Globe

You might not realize often that your body may be prone to Diabetes, unless your parents or someone in your family has diabetes problem. Here are some of the most intriguing features of the disease which is constantly changing its mode and age group of its “victims”.

  • The day you celebrate your 40th birthday you need to get diagnosed for diabetes. This used to be the expert’s advice until a decade ago. Then the age group bar dropped to 30+. Now there is practically no bar at all. The ratio of teen diabetic patients is alarmingly increasing all across USA and rest of the world. According to statistics conducted in 2016, the ratio of potential diabetic patients among youth is rising. 29 million Americans have diabetes and another 89 million have potential symptoms.
  • W.H.O released a report in June 2016.  The report stated that more than 600 million people are suffering from diabetes all over the world.

What is the Medical Science Doing?

Modern medical science boasts of several achievements and accolades itself with so many rewards that you are drawn into an illusionary world. Billions of Dollars are being pumped into making medicines for Diabetes of type1 and type 2 all over the world. There is still no permanent solution to the problem. You go to an expert doctor so called “Endocrinologist” with your problem and get your body diagnosed.

“You are a diabetic patient. Once diabetic you shall remain so until you live on this planet”. You feel as though the gates of good health and lively life have been closed behind you and locked away. “Is there any way i can get it out of my system doc!” You start pleading. He assures you that taking lie long treatment is the only known solution to modern medical world. Now you get really frustrated.

  • The sequence of events takes another curious turn now. Your mind starts craving for those “forbidden” foods unknowingly. On the other hand you have a long list of “DONT’s” from your expert “Endocrinologist” which constantly stares at you.
  • He may teach you couple of tricks to “control the craving” and continue to take his medications regularly. There is one more trick played by your subconscious mind which is beyond your control. It gently persuades you to “taste” those forbidden foods once in a while. You lose your control and your health goes for a toss.
  • Your Endocrinologist puts you on stronger medication and a stricter diet. “Oh my god” you exclaim.
  • By the end of every month you look at the “Endocrinologist Billing” and you feel you had some other problem instead of diabetes. You are into a vicious cycle of medications, shots, treatments, diet and a disgusted life”.


Hope Smiles on Innovative Brains 

David Andrews was diagnosed for type 2 diabetes by the same experts called “Endocrinologists” and given the same set of advices as given to you. It made him think and act differently than any normal patient would do. He was a well known connoisseur of foods and an excellent chef. He seriously started exploring his own anatomy, which was followed by an all out research project. He was somehow hopeful that he would be able to discover an unbeaten track to beat diabetes out of the human system.

David Andrews’s path to Diabetes Destroyer

He soon uncovered the links between food consumption, metabolism, energy conversion, fat burning and diabetic patterns.  Being a man of food sciences he engrossed himself with deliberate research into human anatomy, causes and symptoms of diabetes, medicines and treatment methods, their existing limitations Etc.

  • The limitations of modern medicine and the “powerful reach” of diabetes made him to explore the vast areas left uncovered by medical world.
  • This gap was to be somehow filled with a new method which takes the diabetic patients away from the pains of medications and yet gives them hope by destroying the roots of the disease.
  • This is when David Andrews came up with several innovations which were to take the medical world by surprise and shock, but practical proof made them accept the fact that he had won out smartly.

New Horizons of Diabetic Cure 

David Andrews has split his Diabetes Destroyer” into three phases through which he guides you step by step. It really doesn’t matter what type of diabetes you have, what your age is and what the current intensity of your disease is. What matters is your willingness to follow the guide in principle and practice. Many people have followed this method and found great results.

  • It doesn’t compel you to change your current lifestyle in any dramatic manner.
  • It allows you the freedom to enjoy all your favourite delicacies and mouth watering foods with zero strings attached.
  • It asks you to follow a simple set of guidelines which do not obstruct your freedom to choose in any manner.
  • It liberates your body from the bondage to “diabetes” by cutting off all the links with the root causes and symptoms, which it eventually destroys.

Once you have practically experienced the results, you get a craving to suggest the path of following David Andrews to your friends and dear ones.

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Disclaimer: This is a private online e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. You should not use this info as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results will vary.